October 31, 2007

latest favorite tv shows…

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Discovery Channel has a couple kick ass tv shows that I started watching in the past couple weeks.

  1. Storm Chasers, a group of scientists and a filmmaker trying to intercept a tornado.
  2. Everest: Beyond the Limit, an expedition up Mount Everest.

I’m totally digging both of these shows. The last episode of Everest, they showed these two Sherpas who basically ran all the way up the mountain, laying down new ropes for the expedition. Then made it back to base camp in time for dinner. Those guys are amazing. That’s just a feat of human engineering to make it up to the summit, then back down. And they didn’t even appear to be bushed when they made it back to base camp.

My hat is off to those guys. That’s insane.

October 14, 2007

Mushroomhead owned the night… again!

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Saw Mushroomhead on Friday night. That was a great show. I got home late (2am), but who cares. Here’s some photos from the show.

I somehow got everyone in this frame. Not sure how I pulled that off. 😆
Shmotz has a nice Protools rig. I sat next to it and the soundboard. He was grabbing some samples of one of the bands that played before them. I don’t know if I’d bring a desktop Mac + LCD monitor on the road though. A Macbook Pro would be a way better choice, albeit easy to steal.
I also picked up a new computer chair at Best Buy for $130.
And I got a new cell phone a few days ago. A Kyocera K1000 made for Tracfone. I don’t really use my cell phone a ton, so prepaid works out nicely for me. Sadly I have to give up my 3watt cell phone amp in my truck, as this cell phone (from what I can tell) does not have an external antenna jack. I’ll have to instead get a wireless cell phone repeater and set it up in my truck. I’m debating about doing that.

October 12, 2007

Concerts and Concerts, and more Concerts

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I forgot to post that I saw Powerman 5000 last week, up at the 103 Ultra Lounge in Orono. Decent show. They played I think 12 to 14 songs. Was pretty sweet. Here’s a photo of Spider in action:
100307-powerman_5000 095 (Medium).jpg

And last night I saw Bury Your Dead, with a few other bands. None of the others really appealed to my tastes. I saw one fight which ended in a football-style pileup on the floor with the security guards hauling the offenders away and out of the club. I also saw the security guards haul away a kid who thought it’d be a smart idea to hang from the stage lights overhead. I guess Bury Your Dead has a new vocalist, a big black dude. He was decent.

101107-bury_your_dead 033 (Medium).jpg
One of the guitarists, and the bassist. Google picasa wasn’t having a fun time removing the redeye, so I left it.
101107-bury_your_dead 037 (Medium).jpg
Hey give me the mic, bro!
101107-bury_your_dead 042 (Medium).jpg
Hey, everyone, come up on stage!

Off to see Mushroomhead tonight. Later.

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